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Rizzo’s Journey

February 25th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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This is day one for our 5 month old German shepherd baby. He recently took a fall down the stairs and suffered from a bad break in his paw. The surgery we thought went amazing but unfortunately the damage to the soft tissue from the broken bones wasn’t able to be saved and the only option to save him from the infection that would eventually end his life was to amputate. The surgery was performed today and he is in recovery. Day one for our tripawd puppy. This will be a long journey we are sure but nothing we can’t get through together.

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  • benny55

    And we are here ro help you get through this too, okay?

    So sorry your handsome Rizzo is dealing with this. Ugh!

    You are doing the best thing for Rizzo! One surgery, no infection and, zfter recovery, getting on with living life to the fullest! 🙂

    But if you’ve checked around on the site yoive already seen how well dogs do on three legs. Recovery is no picnic for a couple of weeks. It IS major surgery and it hurts! Getting the pain managed can be a bit of trial and error at first. He may be a bit restless and may not want to eat for a few days. Drinking and peeing are important though. Pooping may take a few days due to the meds and adjusting to three legs.

    First two weeks just potty breaks and rest. No stairs or jumping up and down off the sofa. If you jave hardwood floors, get some non-,slip scatter rugs for traction.

    Once recovery is over, Rizzo’s sparkle will come back bigger and brighter than before!!!

    Stay connected and update when you can!

    Rizzo is soooo handsome!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Frankie too!

  • jerry

    Heyyyyy Rizzo, you are PAWESOME lookin my friend. I hope you’re feeling good and on the mend. Sorry you had to join our club though. Ouch.

    When you’re up to it, hop over to Wyatt Ray’s blog so you can see how great GSDs can do as Tripawds. Not that you needed anyone to tell YOU but maybe your parents will feel better when they meet him and all his rear-leg GSD Tripawd pals.

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